Information Technology > Email Logs

Email logs generally contain information such as the sender and recipient address, subject title, date and time of transmission, size of file, service provider etc.

The following are commonly used tests:

  • Total length of time spent on emails (receiving and responding) by organisation as a whole, by individuals, by month
  • Analyse internal and external emails
  • Summarise by service providers
  • Summarise numbers of emails by employee, sort in order
  • Isolate, summarise and examine personal emails
  • Stratify by time and examine any unusual activity (e.g., lunchtime, weekends, bank holidays)
  • Stratify by size of files
  • Analyse file attachments, by size, by type
  • Analyse incoming emails, identify common domain addresses
  • Calculate length of time individuals spent on email in given time period, sort in order
  • Match with list of employees and extract any emails that are sent by invalid employees
  • Analyse any dormant accounts
  • Identify non-work related emails by searching for specific words in the subject title (e.g., weekend)