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The following are commonly used tests (grouped by type).

Dispute Resolution

  • Calculate damages based on historical data
  • Sort, stratify and summarise volumes of historical financial transactions data
  • Identify errors in data
  • Match and compare data from different sources
  • Perform detailed analysis of any data available in electronic format including print report files
  • Easily perform sampling and evaluation or prediction of errors
  • Look for fraud in financial data


  • Match and compare bank account records to accounting system data
  • Calculate and analyse variances in accounts between periods
  • Review inventory valuations and identify obsolete inventory
  • Recap asset values and compare book and tax depreciation
  • Cross check debtor addresses and tax identification numbers to owners/employees addresses and tax identification numbers to identify related parties
  • Search for related party transactions
  • Analyse timing of payments
  • Match interbank and intrabank transfer data
  • Check accuracy of trustee reports


  • Evaluate managed care payor performance
  • Recalculate profit margins by doctor, financial class, etc.
  • Analyse doctor/specialist contract compliance
  • Use procedure codes to summarise medical record information by doctor, specialist, hospital, department, patient or insurance provider
  • Review medical records for diagnosis coding deficiencies, incomplete records, incompatible coding or inappropriately billed charges
  • Compare dates of service for outpatient care to dates of admission to hospital for compliance
  • Look for duplicate billings and claims payment by patient, provider, date of service or amount