Distribution and Service

Distribution/Service companies have many of the standard ledgers, payroll, accounts payable, etc., which can be key concerns.

The following are commonly used tests (grouped by type).

List Management

  • Extract select names from list to merge with word processor for promotions
  • Combine extracted data from financial report for graphics presentations
  • Automatically manage lists with select, extract, prints and count commands
  • Merge audit verification letters with accounts and balances for external audit
  • Generate multiple marketing mailings based on historical customer purchases
  • Perform marketing tests with random name selection for promotional letters
  • Create auto-extract of activity data for direct transfer to spreadsheet

Sales Analysis

  • Generate sales/profitability reports by sales representative, product, customer
  • Recap product sales by region, customer, category, etc.
  • Identify high volumes by region, customer, category, etc.
  • Extract all sales data for audit by customer, product, region, etc.
  • Compare ratios of current sales to open receivable (high-low; low-high)
  • Summarise shipments by warehouse for product distribution analysis

Sales Order Control

  • Report on correlation between items shipped and items ordered
  • Analyse open orders and open invoices by customer for credit control
  • Isolate detail and average backlog by customer, item, location, etc.
  • Reconcile booked items to inventory reserved (on hold) items
  • Control Profits by calculating line item margins before shipment
  • Analyse product demand by summarising products ordered by due date

Service Management

  • Create real time service tracking reports in any format to manage fieldwork
  • Co-ordinate multiple service personnel to maximise performance in real time
  • Quickly recap routes and times of service calls by employee, area, etc.
  • Compare arrival and service times for field service representatives
  • Calculate cost of service by call for labour, materials and transportation
  • Compare service report time to time-card hours from payroll

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