Insurance > Premiums

For premiums, the main tests are used to ensure that premiums are raised and the correct rate is used. However, risk analyses and exception testing of old or forward-dated items are useful.

The following are commonly used tests (grouped by type).


  • Stratify premiums by size and product type
  • Summarise new business by agent or area
  • Summarise debts by agent


  • Recalculate premiums
  • Prove posting totals

Exception Tests

  • Extract old premiums due on policies that have not lapsed
  • Identify policies that have been cancelled soon after inception
  • Identify policies with initial discounts that have then been lapsed and credited
  • Extract negative debts
  • Identify unallocated cash
  • Extract policies with blank or invalid policy numbers
  • Identify policy premiums that have been partly paid
  • Direct Debits that have not been collected