Audit and Accounting > Management Accounting

IDEA is generally considered an audit tool. However, it is often used by Management Accountants for reporting and ad hoc investigations.

Many systems come with their own report generators or query tools. However, sometimes they are limited in their functionality, are difficult to use or in some cases do not exist. Most work with IDEA is analysis or exception testing.

The following are commonly used tests:

  • Calculation of ratios on a line-by-line or summary basis
  • Summarisation of items by customer or supplier followed by a ranking in order of value, (e.g., for ten customers)
  • Calculation of response days (e.g., sales order to invoice) and stratification of results and exception report of longest
  • Profile of population (Accounts receivable, inventory etc.) in value bands
  • De-duplication of marketing databases
  • Searching for payments to individuals (e.g., for tax returns)
  • Calculation of inventory provision
  • Identification of uncosted items
  • Analysis of profitability of each product line or grouping