The Library

Improve How You Organize Your Work

In IDEA Version Eight and earlier, files such as equations, record definitions, and exported files were saved to the current Working Folder by default. In IDEA Version Nine, files are now saved to the Library.

The IDEA Library provides convenient data access while keeping all your assets in order by grouping them in categories, such as equations, import definitions, source files, macros, and custom functions. Also included in the Library are external files essential to your audit, such as Data Request templates, Microsoft® Word and PDF documents, and other files. Easily browse Library items and view their properties, including status, size, and last modified date.

Enhanced Collaboration with IDEA Server

IDEA Server extends the functionality of your desktop to the enterprise. Share files with colleagues working on the same project via the Library and synchronize local files with files on the server. Team Leaders can instantly enhance collaboration by adding frequently used files and other business critical data to the Corporate Library.

Library Window

The Library window