SmartAnalyzer Integration

For More Analytical Power

SmartAnalyzer's integration with IDEA is apparent in the IDEA Ribbon tab devoted to this analytical add-on.

SmartAnalyzer Tab

The SmartAnalyzer tab of the IDEA Ribbon. Shop for audit tests, Standard Import Routines, and other items as easily as you would on consumer or pay-per-song sites.

SmartAnalyzer increases audit efficiency, quality, and consistency by providing IDEA users with predefined routines (tests) for different types of audits and industries. For example, you can purchase the Financial set of routines, which contains tests and reports for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Analysis, and Fixed Assets, or the Segregation of Duties set of routines to detect security issues in SAP® implementations. Through a convenient ribbon entry point, you now have access to a default, no-cost set of SmartAnalyzer tests and options as well as the Marketplace where you can buy additional apps, such as audit tests, Standard Import Routines, and other items.