IDEA is time-saving technology.

Time is money. These features save you both.

Project Overview

Project Overview depicting a typical process pathway in Graphic mode.

Validate and automate.

In highly-regulated and data-intensive environments, good record-keeping is critical. But with so much to do and little time to do it, validating your audit activity can be a daunting task.

Project Overview, IDEA's interactive audit trail, provides a graphical or tabular history of the actions you perform on databases within a project. The process is automatic, so there's no need to laboriously reconstruct chains of steps for documents and records. Simply export or print overviews to make your audit process more visible to management and other stakeholders.

But there's more to Project Overview than meets the eye. It's also a time-saving automation engine that lets you save ad-hoc tasks and complex repetitions as IDEAScript macros that you can tweak and reuse.

Macros made easy.

Macros are used in a variety of applications to automate tasks performed frequently, but the
scripting effort and programming knowledge required can deter many users from experiencing their full potential.

With Visual Script you can save valuable time by automating tasks with minimal effort and without programming expertise. In the Visual Script Editor, IDEA's macro builder, tasks are represented by icons and organized by type. To build a macro, you simply drag one or more icons into the Step Process window in the desired order.

When you're ready to program more sophisticated macros, there's IDEAScript, an advanced scripting language for more innovative endeavours like integrating IDEA
with other OLE enabled programs, and creating interactive audit systems with custom dialog and message boxes.

Find the needle.

IDEA's Field Statistics property provides a summary of the statistical values and distribution characteristics for each numeric, date, and time data field in a database.

Both a statistical snapshot and a data reconciliation tool, it instantly shrinks the data haystack, making it easier to reconcile totals, inspect value ranges, and identify errors.

  • At a glance, spot anomalies such as negative-value inventory items, zero-value payments, and after-date transactions.

  • In a click, reveal records behind any suspicious value.

  • With ease, isolate and save questionable records to a separate database for later inspection.